Cost Optimisation

Achieve significant and sustainable cost savings through Ayming’s deep understanding of procurement and comprehensive analysis of your business needs

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Converting procurement strategy into real and sustainable results is a challenge for many organisations.

Drive business performance with a cost optimisation programme

Our procurement consulting team can help you reduce your costs and improve your P&L. Our experts will identify opportunities for cost savings and optimisation within your business. And we are doers. So we will help you implement suitable strategies, drawing on our extensive experience and industry knowledge.

The Ayming approach to cost optimisation

Our consulting teams employ a range of tools and techniques to optimise your cost base, and they will tailor our support to fill the gaps in your capabilities across the procurement cycle.

Our cost optimisation projects tend to involve a combination of:

  • Spend analytics – to shed light and identify opportunities
  • Strategic sourcing/procurement – to follow a structured approach and explore all potential levers available
  • Working capital optimisation – to release capital and put it to better use
  • Accelerated value delivery – to help you achieve your immediate targets

Tangible outcomes

We deal in real-world savings, not theory and impracticable recommendations. So you will benefit from:

  • Saving targets that are achieved
  • Visible results in your P&L account
  • Consolidated procurement volumes
  • Stronger supplier trust and long-term relationships
  • Better data management and usage
  • Tracking of savings over time with clearly defined KPIs