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Ayming’s customised training and capability development programmes upskill and empower your procurement and supply chain teams

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Ensuring that your teams are equipped with the right tools and skills in an ever-changing and challenging business environment is essential to ensure business success.

Alongside our HR advisory business support, Ayming has devised innovative programmes that develop the capabilities of your teams and empower them to improve overall performance.

Developed with our HR and procurement specialists, our flexible and comprehensive curriculum can be tailored to fit the needs of your organisation. Whether it’s part of a holistic Procurement Transformation or to address a perceived skills gap, our Academy will design a programme that meets your key objectives.

Procurement Academy – tailored training

Procurement teams need to be highly skilled and seen as an effective partner to the rest of the business. That requires people with soft skills to engage with colleagues, as well as strong technical competence.

At Ayming, we can gauge your team’s capabilities, identify gaps, and upskill staff so they achieve your strategic goals and sustain that performance over time. Highly tailored and focused training also improves retention and overall engagement.

What is a Procurement Academy?

Developed with our in-house specialists in HR Advisory Services, the Procurement Academy is a bespoke training programme that draws on:

• Expert insight into the procurement function, roles and responsibilities
• An innovative mix of training styles to embed learning
• A broad understanding of people development and performance

How does the Procurement Academy work?

A ‘one-size fits all’ approach does not work. Training requirements are often varied, as preferred learning styles differ between team members, and generations.

Each Procurement Academy is built in four phases:

1. Skill assessment & gap analysis

Our consultants develop a skills framework and needs analysis to measure current capabilities (from scratch or in conjunction with an existing framework).

We make a holistic evaluation of strengths and areas for improvement, informed by feedback from the procurement team, customers and suppliers.

2. Training strategy & blueprint

Based on this assessment, the training strategy will include clear targets, a blueprint for delivering training tailored to staff’s developmental needs, and a process for measuring outcomes.

3. Delivery & embedding learning

We communicate clearly the aims and programme of the Academy, deliver the appropriate mix of training that will engage staff and help them internalise what they learn. We use a blend of classroom training and on-the-job learning (dedicated coaching, ‘surgery’ sessions, remote coaching through a procurement helpdesk) plus digital tools and gamification to enhance the learning experience.

4. Performance monitoring

Effectiveness is all about the trainee’s experience. So we gather feedback at every stage and refine the learning experience. We also monitor progress through the programme, tracking performance and providing an updated action plan based on strengths and weaknesses.

What outcomes can you expect?

  • A performance and development framework that’s fit for purpose
  • A training and development strategy with clearly defined outcomes
  • A training programme tailored to the needs of your business and staff
  • A rounded skillset of technical and softer skills required by the ‘procurement professional of the future’
  • Strong feedback from participants
  • Measurable improvement against the skills framework