Procurement and Supply Chain

Identify and implement sustainable improvements in Procurement and Supply Chain guided by Ayming’s hands-on experience and functional experts

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Turn your Procurement and Supply Management function into a competitive advantage through strategies and results that improve your overall business operation.

Optimising operations must be the goal of every high-performing organisation, but efficiency is a moving target as businesses grow, markets are disrupted, and strategies change.

Most organisations agree that procurement and supply management functions should deliver cost effectiveness and business continuity, but the function can and should do more. Reaching the next level – by adding significant value to the business as a whole – requires a customised approach that activates the right enablers to drive change.

To achieve this, we challenge the status quo and leverage our experience to design and implement fit-for-purpose strategies. From procurement digitalisation to savings delivery and full-scale procurement and supply chain transformations, our team of doers works with our clients all the way through.

Our track record on procurement & supply chain optimisation

Ayming has more than 30 years’ experience providing innovative procurement and supply chain services across Europe and North America.

Our procurement and supply chain experts are not only highly qualified, they have hands-on experience across many industries and international perspectives, so they bring top-line creative thinking as well as practical knowledge to each assignment.

A clear vision and different approach

  • A clear vision on the future of procurement and supply chain management, and fit-for-purpose digitalisation
  • Experts in designing functions and operating models to optimise the value they deliver
  • Focus on value and maximising ROI
  • Hands-on project delivery, coupled with a truly tailored approach
  • A strong collaboration and innovation mind-set