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Don't tell us you're different, show us!

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Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you inspired by challenging and rewarding environments?

If you are, then please come and join us and take part in an original, bespoke recruitment experience, whether that is in London, Paris, Brussels, Houston, Montreal, Bordeaux, Lyon or Madrid!

We have created an inspiring ‘job dating’ experience to discover talent and personality, because we know that your potential lies beyond your CV. We want to get to know you: whatever your passions, your world view and dreams. Don’t tell us, show us!

Job dating made in Ayming

Our ‘job dating’ events encourage original discussion and engagement to discover what binds us. After a quick on-boarding session as a group, you will take part in four different individual and group workshops. It’s 2 and a half hours to discover yourself by being yourself. As a result, you’ll receive an answer within 48 hours! Make things happen. That is our commitment.

In 2018, after Aix-Marseille @thecamp, Madrid @Stadesanbarnabeu, Brussels, Lille, Paris, in 2019: Houston, Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid and Bordeaux and Lyon. Exceptional places to reveal your best self and dare to start. We combine fun and creativity to create a unique experience. Come and join in. Live the moment. To apply, register now!

The 5 key steps of job dating

Group introduction
Business knowledge workshop
Soft-skills workshop
Video filming workshop
Tell us about you

Group introduction

45 min

Marie-Alice Thierry-Portmann, Group HR Director and the local country management team welcome all the participants and shares an overview of the Ayming spirit and our convictions: flexibility, individual empowerment, pioneering spirit and innovation. It’s a first step for us to get to know each other… before the various workshops start.


Business knowledge workshop

15 min

The aim of this collective workshop is for you discuss a business or social issue with 5 or 6 other people. It’s now time to build an argument and express your ideas! An Ayming facilitator and observer will monitor the group and individuals’ behaviour, approach to reasoning, interaction, looking at both both thought process and delivery of ideas. What matters to us is your ability to question yourself on key topics. Believe in yourself, express your idea.

I found the interview process to be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. I immediately clicked with the team which was really encouraging. My priority was to be part of a fun work culture which encouraged ambition, passion and challenge. I found that here.
Jonathan Foster, Business Development

Soft-skills workshop

10 min

The purpose of this workshop is to discover cognitive, communicative and behavioural skills in a group setting. This fun workshop consists of solving puzzles. These games are a unique opportunity to discover each other’s soft skills, leadership and the ability to cooperate as a team; essential skills in our consulting business.

Video filming workshop

5 min

As promised, we do not only focus on your CV, technical skills and qualifications. We want to know about you. We are interested in your passions, your vision of the world, your dreams. We need open, adaptable and flexible colleagues, which is why we have opted for a quick interview consisting of short questions that must be answered spontaneously. Don’t over-think it – just be yourself.

Examples of questions: What recent news story did you find most interesting and why? What is your passion? Your wildest dream?

The interviews were really engaging, I felt very welcomed and got a great sense of what it would be like to work here
Michael Anjorin, Business Development

Tell us about you

10 min

A 10-minute face-to-face discussion with HR and the business: this is the time to clearly demonstrate your professional capability and ambitions. Use this discussion share your ideas, professional desires and your super powers. We love unconventional and passionate people who stir up ideas – why should we work together? That’s the key question to answer. Ready?


After work

We meet up in inspiring and unique locations, so let’s make the most of it!

We want to make it an unforgettable experience for all candidates. We provide snacks throughout the process, available between each workshop. At the end of the event we can get to know each other over a drink in a more relaxed atmosphere. We’re a sociable bunch!

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