Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is the core of cost optimisation, as Ayming procurement consultants focus on value, maximise ROI and commit to achieving results

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Strategic sourcing is the core of cost optimisation. Yet procurement departments may lack resources, category knowledge or the optimal processes to deliver the best outcome.

Ayming has developed a structured, 4-step approach to strategic sourcing that ensures you procure the optimal solution in terms of cost, service and quality.

End-to-end strategic sourcing from design to knowledge transfer

Our experienced consultants follow a structured, end-to-end sourcing and procurement process. They implement the strategy, drawing on our extensive experience across borders and sectors, both public and private.

Ayming supports you through the entire process from data collection and market research to RFI/RFQ and negotiation with suppliers.

We are pragmatic and flexible, working with your people to design a strategic sourcing solution to fit your specific requirements. And we share Ayming’s know-how and methodologies.

Our strategic sourcing teams:

  • Undertake complex projects involving the redesign of operations as part of the sourcing process
  • Combine a range of skills from procurement and supply chain specialists
  • Include trained experts in leading supplier negotiations
  • Transfer knowledge by coaching procurement staff