Procurement Strategy and Target Operating Models

Design and implement a procurement strategy and operating model to transform your organisation and enhance business performance with Ayming’s expertise

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Without the right strategy, organisation and operating model, procurement will drag down the performance of any organisation. Driving through that organisational change demands a laser-like focus and ongoing change management.

How to align strategy and execution

Ayming teams combine expertise and fresh ways of thinking that are invaluable in designing both your strategy and the organisational structure to execute it.

Our consultants are also ‘doers’ who ensure the successful implementation of the target operating model and execution of the strategy. We ensure the strategy and organisational design that look good on paper will work well in reality.

How we design and implement your operating model

  • Define the strategy: What should it achieve for the function and the organisation as a whole? What goals and targets?
  • Design the changes needed to the ‘as-is’ state to get to the ‘to-be’.
  • Implement: How best to turn that design blueprint into reality? This requires a clear change management process, ongoing communications across the organisation, and close project management.

The benefits of a transformed operating model

The benefits that will flow from fully aligning strategy, operating model and execution are significant:

  • Enhanced performance of the procurement function
  • Cost efficiencies across the business
  • Capability to service customers better as the business grows