SRM and Contract Management

Secure savings, manage risks and drive operational efficiencies - improve supplier relationships with robust SRM and Contract Management processes

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Together, contract management and supplier relationship management (SRM) drive sustainable value from strategic contracts. Without them, the benefits that flow from strategic sourcing, robust procurement and technology are squandered.

At Ayming, we design SRM and Contract Management programmes that secure ongoing value for money, as well as foster innovation and strong collaboration with your key partners.

Sustain savings and manage risks through SRM & Contract Management

Our experienced teams work with clients to design and put in place processes, policies and frameworks, enabled by technology whenever possible, for contract management and SRM that:

  • Drive effective contract delivery
  • Realise savings and sustains them
  • Engenders continuous improvement and innovation
  • Support risk management

Design, implement & train – Ayming’s comprehensive approach

Our teams combine specialists in procurement, supply chain, data science, technology and training. We:

  • Design robust processes that reflect the governance structure of your organisation
  • Select the right technology and platforms
  • Implement these systems and online tools for managing contracts
  • Train your contract managers
  • Provide ongoing support and mentoring

Achieve tangible results and sustainable value through collaboration

  • Practical policies and processes, with easy-to-follow examples, and user-friendly templates
  • Wide engagement among stakeholders who fully understand the importance of contract management
  • The ability to track and report on supplier performance
  • Savings delivered throughout the life of contracts
  • Opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation are captured
  • A platform for enhancing and sustaining operational efficiency