Procurement contributes more and more to the creation of value within organisation; creating short-term savings, while limiting risk and sustaining growth.

CEOs are twice as convinced as CPOs that reorganisation of Procurement will drive value creation.
Procurement 2020 Survey, Ayming

Procurement plays an essential role in the improvement of the transparency of the supply chain, access to supplier innovations and cost reduction across the organisation. Furthermore, as the principal custodian of suppliers’ data, they hold both supplier and market knowledge. It occupies a central position in organizations and plays a strategic role since it can take account of business challenges and constraints related to expected quality levels.

We need people capable of translating complex commercial needs, of taking on the role of key partners of the company, stimulating, magnetic and charismatic people.
Paul Alexander, Director of Indirect Purchasing EMEA, at BP.

The challenge of cooperating across the organization is therefore a key factor to achieving optimum global performance.

51% of respondents to the Procurement 2020 survey do not consider their procurement operating models effective.
90% of CPOs believe that investments in tools and systems is needed to increase value creation.

Ayming partners with CPOs who want to re-position and/or strengthen the function at their organisations. We enable the procurement and supply chain transformation.

Our engagements range from full-scale transformations and savings delivery engagements to training programmes.

  • Procurement & Supply chain: A comprehensive approach to strategy development and implementation, beginning with a diagnostic giving you an unobstructed view of your current situation and opportunities for improvement.
  • Cost optimisation: By analysing expenditure, the needs of stakeholders and customers, product design, and cost benchmarking, we deliver in-year and long-term savings.
  • People & Change: Develop your human capital and empower your employees, aligning performance with your strategy, so the business works smarter, supported by our digital tools and analysis. We develop and deliver customised training programmes through our Procurement Academy.
  • Digitalisation: From spend analytics to contract management and fully integrated Source to Pay (S2P) and Purchase to Pay solutions (P2P), Ayming will support you at each stage, from design, selection, procurement and implementation up to go-live.
  • Operational efficiency: Using data science and our LeanValue™ methodology, we analyse and automate processes, and optimise for productivity, while supporting your transformation programme.