Smart Working

Our relationship is much more than just employer-employee agreement.

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For us, it consists of a commitment to offer our employees a positive and engaging working environment that boosts individual and team excellence. Our promise is to always strive to ensure that you feel valued, listened to and supported during your career with Ayming. At every major stage of your professional and personal life we are there to support you and connect the dots.

Freedom delivers higher quality

We believe that employees must have a sense of workplace community and that placing great emphasis on the well-being of all colleagues plays a crucial role in the fulfilment of individual, team and global performance.

This is achieved by working closely with our HR team, who provide our teams with flexible working opportunities and create working relationships based on innovative management practices that promote trust, autonomy and team spirit.

Remote Working

For our employees to truly experience ‘quality of life’ at work we actively promote work/life balance. We have a remote working policy allowing everyone to work from home, thanks to digital tools that promote mobility and more agile working methods, adding balance to your life is simple.


Be a parent – we won’t make a fuss

Becoming a parent is an important event in your life and here at Ayming we believe that it should be celebrated. That’s why we care about you finding the right balance! Above all, we are committed to the principle of non-discrimination in the professional development of parent employees. During maternity leave and upon return, we’ll be there to meet your needs.


Health and Well-being

No matter what life may bring, we are committed to supporting our employees.  Whatever you may experience we are committed to offering a safe and supportive environment allowing you to grow. We take this into account with the support we provide you. If returning from long-term illness, we’ll be there to support you and ensure a positive transition back into work. Whenever you need them the HR team is there to support you.