Diagnostic and Maturity Assessment

Whether identifying opportunities or preparing for a transformation, Ayming assessments reveal the true potential for improving your procurement and supply functions

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A comprehensive analysis of the current state of procurement and the supply chain is essential to identify gaps and opportunities to optimise costs and improve processes and ways of working. Often, this is also a valuable first step in the context of a holistic transformation.

Ayming diagnostics and maturity assessments rapidly establish the organisation’s true fitness for purpose and point the way to material improvements.

How to transform strategy into tangible outcomes

A diagnostic is the most effective way to assess the status quo, identify opportunities and build detailed plans to optimise performance. We provide an unobstructed view of your entire procurement and supply chain, specifying all areas with scope for improvement and cost savings.

Our specialists assess the current maturity level of all processes, both strategic and transactional. Based on a gap analysis, practical experience and knowledge of industry standards, we identify strengths, areas for improvement and potential bottlenecks.

Ayming’s approach to diagnostic & maturity assessment

The diagnostic and maturity assessment require intensive data and market analysis, as well as interviews with all main stakeholders to identify, validate and prioritise the opportunities for improvement.

There are three key steps:

Assess spend and processes
Identify improvement opportunities and savings
Devise an action plan and pain/gain matrix

Comprehensive and realistic recommendations

Our recommendations are fact-based, realistic and achievable, and they are customised to fit your strategic short, mid and long term objectives. Moreover, we’ll implement them with you.