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Our VAT advisors come from a range of backgrounds, bringing expertise from Big Four and multinational accountancy practices, as well as niche tax consultancy firms.

As a team, we have experienced VAT projects of all shapes and sizes, impacting SMEs through to large multi-national firms. We’re well placed to provide VAT advice on all matters affecting your business and can provide a single point of call for VAT solutions including:

VAT planning & transaction advice

Ensure you’re only paying the correct amount of VAT in the countries in which your business operates. VAT planning provides reassurance that the VAT treatment of a certain transaction or business deal is being effectively managed, legitimately minimising the VAT cost to your business. The Ayming VAT Advice and Compliance Team’s in-depth understanding of European VAT rules and legislation is vital for ensuring VAT planning and transaction advice is undertaken correctly. Trust your Ayming VAT Advisor to undertake the careful analysis required to determine the relationships between relevant parties and the nature of goods or services supplied, in order to ensure the VAT costs you pay are accurate.

VAT health checks & VAT return reviews

European VAT can be a complex business. It’s important to verify you’re paying the right amounts of VAT and claiming back everything you’re entitled to. Our VAT Advice and Compliance Team can carry out a VAT health check to review your current VAT accounting processes and records. A health check can identify areas of weakness within your accounting, any possible misinterpretations of VAT rules, incorrect VAT treatment and areas of potential savings or liability. Where required, we will set out an action plan to address any potential issues identified during the VAT health check.

As businesses diversify within a changing global economy accurate VAT compliance can become difficult. Even the largest businesses can require VAT advice to ensure their VAT affairs are in order. Small errors, when not checked or identified, can amount to significant overpayments or underpayments over time. Our VAT return reviews ensure that all your systems and processes are working efficiently and effectively, giving you confidence and peace of mind that the numbers on your VAT return are accurate.

VAT Training

It’s important for all tax and finance teams to keep their VAT knowledge up-to-date. Our VAT Advisors can deliver a range of VAT training packages tailored to your specific requirements and the circumstances of your business. These can be delivered in the most suitable way for your specific team and needs; for instance, as group workshops at your offices, or as more detailed one-to-one training. Please contact us to discuss your VAT training requirements.