Supply Chain Transformation

A specialist in supply chain optimisation, Ayming supports your transformation project with a proven approach that will secure your strategic goals

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Using our proven methodology, Ayming transforms the supply chain and boosts overall business performance by implementing best-in-market practices attuned to your organisation.

Transform your Supply Chain

To achieve your strategic goals, your transformation master plan must align with the strategic objectives of the business, and supply chain processes have to be re-engineered to deliver the targeted savings or reduction in risk without compromising quality and service.

Ayming helps you manage this transformation and build a robust and secure supply chain.

Working alongside your people, our specialist consultants guide the transformation process:

  • Charting an implementation road map to deliver long-term sustainable value
  • Transforming processes (e.g. sales and operations planning, demand management, inventory management, distribution requirement planning)
  • Upgrading IT solutions to support your strategy (including systems for advance planning, warehouse management, transportation management)
  • Helping you manage this change

A robust methodology proven to achieve

As a supply chain specialist, we have developed a pragmatic approach to strategy, costs and processes. This blend of experience and expertise is essential for achieving a holistic transformation.

  • Our multi-sector experience – spanning from industrials to retail, and aerospace to digital services – provides a wealth of insights into the pain-points within all supply chains.
  • Our dedicated team of certified Lean Six Sigma consultants (green/black belt) work closely with your operational teams, to devise practical solutions and then transfer their skills.
  • Data scientists embedded in our supply chain teams mine the data to accelerate the diagnostic phase and root our analysis in hard evidence.