Working Capital Optimisation

Release the hidden cash trapped across your working capital cycle. Ayming identifies quick wins and improves processes to ease cash flow in the long term

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Optimise working capital to release hidden cash – healthy or distressed, most companies have cash needlessly trapped in the business that should be put to more productive use.

Ayming helps you release that money, increasing liquidity to fund growth or relieve financial pressure. We also work to improve processes so you can sustain optimal cash flow in the long term.

Ayming’s comprehensive approach to optimising working capital

We start with a diagnostic that will highlight quick wins as well as the scope for longer-term improvements across the working capital cycle.

Our expert consultants identify cash traps and bottlenecks across all areas.

  • Inventory: We optimise inventory management practices to release working capital.
  • Optimising inventory turnover and levels manages this investment more effectively and releases working capital.
  • Accounts payable and receivable: Our methodology drives immediate cash benefits at different stages of payment processes.
  • Supply chain: We provide you with a clear picture of your supplier base and assess your existing credit terms.
  • Performance metrics: We use a range of standard and bespoke metrics to track progress.

A team of doers to support you through implementation

Experienced practitioners as well as analysts, Ayming teams put our recommendations into action, so you realise those efficiencies.

  • Implementing quick wins and the measures necessary to sustain savings over time
  • Defining and developing the underlying process improvements
  • Engaging with all stakeholders to enact the changes required

Benefits in processes, people, cash & sustainability

Optimising working capital provides complete control over your cash flows.

  • Processes are optimised across the working capital cycle
  • Staff have the tools and know-how for efficient cash management and collection
  • Extra financing capacity is maximised
  • Improved performance can be sustained over the longer term