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Governments around the world have schemes in place to help fund innovative projects or research and development (R&D). These incentives are proven to help stimulate the economy, jobs, and skills creation. Ireland is no different with several schemes available to companies engaged in innovative projects.

In Ireland, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them enhance their research and development; not just by filling out an R&D tax claim, but by first working alongside the financial and technical teams in your organisation to ensure that goals and objectives are clear and achievable. Once everyone is on the same page strategically, we then work to uncover qualifying research and development expenditure.

Helping clients with an R&D claim is only one element of our innovation advice services. Ayming acts as an innovation partner to most of our client base – that means that not only can we help you with an R&D claim, we can also offer best practice advice on your research and development projects, utilising R&D tax credits to boost cash flow, and future innovation and claims.

Our Consultants

We understand how complicated in can be to claim R&D tax credits, that’s why we hire the best industry experts from a broad range of sectors to ensure our ability to understand your business and identify project areas that could qualify for research and development tax relief.

As well as being tax experts, we also pride ourselves on our technical expertise. By hiring software developers, scientists and other specialists in technical sectors, we are able to work alongside you and your business in order to specifically understand what your company does and how it innovates. Understanding your industry, your business and your technical projects is key to ensuring that all qualifying innovation is identified to maximise your claim. To make sure we have all bases covered, highly experienced accounting specialists also assist our technical experts with your R&D tax claim.

The bottom line is that Ayming is well placed to help you and your business achieve the best possible results when it comes to your R&D tax credit claim. We’re here to support you by providing sound advice to ensure you benefit from your innovative R&D projects.

What are R&D tax credits?

When it comes to R&D tax credits, what counts as qualifying expenditure? R&D tax relief is only available for laboratory-driven research?

For us, questions like these are common, many companies are uncertain about whether or not the R&D tax incentive schemes apply to them. There is a broad spectrum of activities that R&D for tax purposes covers, perhaps more than you might think. The research and development tax incentive schemes are formulated to be applicable to all industries. By missing out on claiming R&D tax relief, you’re unwittingly giving your competitors an advantage.

If you’d like to talk to us about R&D tax credit entitlement, or whether your company could be claiming R&D tax credits, contact us today and we’ll gladly talk you through this very niche area of tax.

Department of Business Enterprise & Innovation Ireland Relationship

We take pride in our solid working relationships with tax authorities who oversee the schemes for which we offer advice. Once your claim has been submitted, our services continue as we will then work alongside you and the Department of Business Enterprise & Innovation Ireland to ensure that your R&D tax claim is correctly and efficiently processed.

Finding the right R&D tax relief service

Our service offers you guidance with your R&D tax claim from beginning to end. Although many clients opt for this service, we appreciate that every business is different and therefore we also offer a number of different options you can choose from. What’s more, a bespoke proposal can be compiled if necessary, to ensure the best approach is taken to support the needs of your business.