Qualifying for R&D incentives

As an Irish business, there are a few simple criteria that you must meet in order to claim R&D incentives.

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Ayming is the largest R&D funding specialist in Europe, we pride ourselves on our 30+ years of international experience with R&D tax schemes for funding innovation. Each year, we analyse more than 15,000 R&D projects globally, so we are well positioned to help you and your business understand whether or not you qualify for R&D tax credits.

In order for your business to qualify for R&D tax credits and claim R&D tax relief, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The company is within the charge of CT in Ireland
  • The company carries out qualifying R&D activities in Ireland or the EEA
  • The expenditure does not qualify for a tax deduction in another country.

What are qualifying R&D activities?

The research and development activity must:

  • involve systemic, investigative or experimental activities
  • be in the field of science or technology
  • involve one or more of these categories of R&D:
    • basic research
    • applied research
    • experimental development
    • seek to make scientific or technological advancement
    • involve the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty.