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Here at Ayming we believe that for employees to excel within their chosen careers paths we must ensure they are working within thriving environments and working conditions. The well-being of our colleagues is at the forefront of everything that we do. We also ensure we are attentive and open to the their individual aspirations – which we enable by designing their individual professional career path. All our managers make a commitment to ensuring we give our employees the best chances of achieving their goals.


Welcome to Ayming

We apply the Ayming spirit to all that we do; we are passionate about ensuring our “Aymers” feel good, valued and listened to. To fulfil this promise, we follow four guiding principles:

  • Human and empowered management, which places employees’ ambitions at the heart of their success
  • Strong values and beliefs that guarantee the respect of everyone at all corporate levels
  • Team spirit, all over the world, that we turn into genuine collective intelligence
  • A work environment that offers unique and inspiring experience

My Professional Journey

5 key steps of the Ayming adventure

Each employee’s career path is centred around important milestones that allow them to question, evolve and progress; we don’t impose corporate views of progression onto them. We prefer to tailor solutions to meet their individual needs and experience shows that they are more engaged and their aspirations more attainable. Everyone’s development is unique, so that they manage their own career path. Consider us as your professional incubator for your ambitions. Ayming’s goal is to co-create a common project and put it at our customers’ service.


A whole programme for your career

Discover your professional journey

Job dating made in Ayming

Because you’re worth more than your CV

Job dating is a career selection process for the 21st century.  Our Job dating events are a fun, interactive and enlightening way to see if we can build a mutually rewarding professional relationship. In just a few hours together we get to know each other, sharing our knowledge, experience and culture to see if there is a ‘fit’. Our dynamic events typically run for three hours, where you’ll take part in four exciting workshops. We’ll both quickly know if it’s the start of a beautiful relationship and  we’ll make a decision within 48 hours! Are you ready?



Welcome on board

We are know that the first step into a new business can be daunting for newcomers. Ayming’s on-boarding process is not just a one-day welcome and then you’re on your own. We provide continued support, step by step. We give our new colleagues the opportunity get acquainted with our culture, our values and the way we work. The goal: to help you naturally find your place and become a successful ‘Aymer’, regardless of your background. We believe that diversity is another of Ayming’s strength and we work together to bring it to life and give it real meaning.


You get to meet some of the best technical minds in engineering, as well as CEOs and CFOs.
Michael Sheridan, R&D Consultant