Procurement digitalisation

Exploit the full potential of technology with Ayming’s support on your procurement digitalisation journey through the Source to Pay (S2P) cycle and beyond

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A fit-for-purpose procurement digitalisation and technology strategy can be a great ally to enable the function to transition towards greater value enhancement.

Procurement Digitalisation

Technology is well established in procurement with multiple stand-alone and fully integrated solutions available from a wide range of providers. However, designing and implementing a digitalisation strategy that is fit for purpose is a challenge for many organisations.

In an increasingly digitalised world of interconnected supply chains, AI and machine learning, there is no question that technology is a key enabler that, when deployed effectively, can trigger a valuable increase in productivity and allow human resources to be re-focused on more strategic tasks.

As our Procurement 2020 report shows, deploying technology is seen as one of the most important priorities for CPOs over the next two to three years. However, the study also confirms that technology alone is not the answer as many organisations roll out solutions that are not used effectively.

At Ayming, we provide an independent view to ensure our clients adopt a fit-for-purpose solution that takes into account the wider business objectives, requirements and implications.

How do we support our clients?

  • Procurement digitalisation strategy development
  • Selection and implementation of proven solutions – from spend analytics to eSourcing, and contract management and supplier relationship management tools to comprehensive Source to Pay and Purchase to Pay platforms

Providing expert, independent and unbiased views of how technology can best be harnessed within your organisation