Digital Supply Chain

Generate value from supply chain data and predictive analytics to optimise performance at every level with Ayming’s data science and diagnostic services

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Your growing supply chain, digitalisation and supplier collaboration are generating more data than ever. The challenge is to extract and maximise the value in this mine of information.

Ayming’s digital supply chain service uses data science and expert insight to create value that improves business performance.

More efficient diagnosis of supply chain processes

Full integration of data science within diagnosis and design means our methodologies have never been so efficient or effective.

Data science integration brings powerful capabilities:

  • Deepening our understanding of your operational data, yielding more meaningful insights
  • Shortening analysis time
  • Building scenarios and models tailored to your business activities
  • Monitoring the results so as to adapt scenarios, deploy more efficiently and boost ROI

Leverage data and new technologies

As well as intersecting with every aspect of the business, your supply chain is becoming ever more connected through new technologies (such as the Internet of Things, Radio-Frequency Identification and data lakes).

Our consultant teams blend the essential know-how of data experts and supply chain specialists to mine this mass of data.

  • Providing advanced forecasting at every level of your supply chain that’s dynamic, includes external factors, and supports sales and supply planning
  • Predicting optimal and dynamic stock level
  • Anticipating and optimising your transportation and logistics operations
  • Predicting maintenance needs

Monitor your operations more closely

Ayming can also exploit your daily supply chain data to deliver highly practicable and tailored solutions:

  • A dynamic, predictive dashboard with relevant KPIs to help you monitor your operations
  • Other digital and predictive tools that match your exact requirements and business priorities