Big Data, Smart Data

Take advantage of data science to guide business decision-making with insights from Ayming’s digitalisation and Lean experts

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The key to extracting value from data is following the right process. Posing a specific question and adjusting the process at each iteration of the project until question and answer converge for a relevant operational diagnosis.

At Ayming, we combine deep business expertise with proven analytical methods to ensure your data truly illuminates business decisions.

A lean and smart approach

The Ayming approach is based on data science and Lean Six Sigma.

Our modelling and operational knowledge from the field help us identify levers of action and simulate the effect of implementing them.

We also identify the most relevant KPIs for managing the transformation.

The smart data solutions we create are highly practicable and accessible:

  • Our programming uses fully open source languages (such as Python and R)
  • The algorithms we build are yours and created in a standard environment
  • Dashboards we design also use common data visualisation software
  • Datalab management upskills your data scientists and bridges the gap to your business managers

A proven process that creates value

Our consultants follow a clear process proven across a wide variety of data projects.

  • The start-up phase involves dialogue with your team and data discovery.
  • In the analytics phase we use a scrum approach with a 2-week sprint.

Most importantly, we combine our operational and data expertise to maximise the benefits that can be achieved from your data.

Actionable insights from your data

Our commitment is to reveal quickly the value in the data within your reach.

Close integration of your business experts within the project will ensure that at the end of every sprint, we deliver operational and actionable insights.