Lean Management and Process Automation

Transform performance and increase your organisation’s agility through process automation with Ayming’s proven LeanValue™ method and data analysis

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Using Lean management and automating processes you can transform under-performance into operational efficiency. At Ayming, this is how we help your employees focus on what’s critical for success, foster the creation of value, and develop agility within the business.

LeanValue™ transforms performance & adds value

Through our work with companies solving performance problems, we have developed our own vision and lean management method – we call LeanValue™.

LeanValue™ is the combination of two proven methodologies: Value management and Lean Six Sigma. In essence, it is the ability to support business transformation by driving continuous improvement while maximising the value generated.

Integrated within our teams of highly trained LeanValue™ consultants, data science experts capture and analyse the evidence that underpins our tailored technology solutions.

Boost employee motivation and performance through process automation

Sharing our insights and embedding change through staff workshops, we have raised performance for a wide variety of groups – from single business units to SMEs to international companies, and from support functions (including HR, IT and marketing) to sales teams.

Drawing on their practical experience, our experts support you through each phase of the process.

  • Evaluating how you will meet your vision and objectives
  • Identifying what to improve and how
  • Planning the implementation of improvement levers and design the roadmap
  • Implementing and guiding the transformation to completion