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Create business advantage while reducing costs and increasing efficiency with outsourcing and shared service solutions designed and implemented by Ayming

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Organisations not only cut costs through outsourcing or setting-up shared services, they can male processes more efficient, improve service and accelerate urgently needed change. At Ayming, we clarify the scope and scale of benefits, and ensure you achieve them.

From designing your strategy to delivering the benefits

Having done this many times before, our consultants are able to share invaluable experience from other companies and sectors at each stage of the process.

• In the design phase, we bring fresh insights to discover whether your business can benefit from outsourcing or setting up a shared service centre.

We identify the benefits, establish feasibility, devise strategies, and design the right business model to maximise those benefits.

• We lead and support implementation too. Sourcing is a core Ayming competency.

We manage the sourcing process from selection of vendors to transition. Or we guide the process of defining the strategy and target operating model for your shared service.

Meanwhile, your team can focus on day-to-day priorities.

Achieve competitive advantage

We’ve supported clients across a wide variety of outsourcing projects – from contact centres and facilities management to complex IT outsourcing – and helped many organisations harmonise fragmented functions through shared services.

Planned strategically and properly executed, outsourcing and shared services can be critical in achieving competitive advantage.

  • Improved levels of service
  • A smaller cost base
  • A streamlined organisation that’s easier to manage
  • A more robust platform for future growth
  • A clearer focus on strategic challenges and core business