Complex Procurement

Ensure the successful procurement of IT, manufacturing, infrastructure and other business-critical projects with the expert support of Ayming consultants


Complex procurement challenges

Complex procurement projects pose a higher level of risk for an organisation, and tend to require additional resources and critical expertise. They involve a wide range of internal and external stakeholders and will be of critical importance to an organisation.

Ayming consultants have broad experience steering capex and highly complex procurement to successful outcomes in many industries.

Ayming’s approach to complex procurement

We identify and assemble the skillset your project will require, filling in the gaps in your organisation.

Our teams combine specialist procurement expertise with broader programme management skills – proven on IT, manufacturing and a variety of specialised infrastructure projects.

Ayming consultants understand the end-to-end project lifecycle and the work required to manage all the technical, legal and commercial aspects effectively.

Our consultants will:

  • Engage in open and honest conversations with all senior stakeholders
  • Agree clearly defined requirements
  • Establish a robust governance framework and resources schedule
  • Clarify all the steps required to deliver the project
  • Ensure a strong central point for coordinating and driving forward all elements of the programme

Benefits for your complex procurement project

  • Risks associated with a business-critical project are managed
  • Disruptive impacts on business as usual are avoided as staff can get on with their day jobs
  • Leaders can maintain their focus on other business priorities
  • There is a smooth transfer of essential knowledge to your staff ahead of completion
  • Your project achieves the best possible outcome