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intu Digital specialises in the development of IT solutions for intu Shopping centres.

It has developed a responsive digital platform that hosts 15 of the UK’s largest shopping centres. This platform is a marketing and sales channel for retailers and has a scale and reach of equivalent to three quarters of the UK population. intu was working to a very tight deadline and wanted to include an R&D tax relief claim on their tax return.


Speedy Delivery

Ayming focuses on increasing the efficiency of our clients’ processes, with our expert tax and technical knowledge as well as our experience of working alongside HMRC. We’re best placed to deliver a thorough, comprehensive R&D tax relief claim within a short timeframe.

Ayming’s consulting teams consist of both tax and technical experts allowing them to work with your finance teams and specialist staff effectively and efficiently. Their aim is to ensure you receive your tax benefit as quickly as possible.

Ayming has a long track record delivering R&D tax relief claims within swift timeframes. With over 30 years’ experience in innovation incentives across Europe, and since the inception of the UK’s R&D tax relief scheme in 2000, Ayming has analysed thousands of R&D projects, and helped its clients claim over £300m in tax relief.

What we did

Ayming’s software specialists carried out detailed technical interviews with key members of the intu team to evaluate the various R&D projects and identify qualifying innovation. Ayming’s tech team produced robust, comprehensive R&D tax relief claims that showed a clear understanding of the distinction between a commercial project and an eligible project for R&D tax purposes. This approach helps to speed up the claims process by creating a collaborative environment and ensured Ayming’s technical team had peer to peer conversations with intu’s technical experts.


In just 3 weeks, Ayming was able to conduct the technical interviews and complete the entire claims process, which typically takes 4 – 6 weeks.

Ayming’s technical team worked hand in hand with our team to deliver the final report in a very short time frame. A pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending them to any company engaged in innovation.
Ian Edwards, Operations Director, intu Digital

Our client

intu Digital

  • Owners of over 20 shopping centres in the UK
  • 480 retailers
  • Growing operations in Spain
  • Listed in London and Johannesburg

Through its unique integrated multi-channel model intu Digital helps retailers and brands deliver a seamless in store and online shopping experience to meet customers’ rising expectations.