Procurement 2020

From climate change, geopolitical events and Brexit, to millennials entering the workforce, there are plenty of factors which pose serious challenges for businesses and their procurement functions.

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We believe this means procurement has an opportunity to take centre stage in driving value and delivering resilience.

Procurement continues to evolve to match the needs of companies in a dynamic and changing environment. Traditionally a functional part of the business, perceived as lacking dynamism and ambition, procurement continues to transition into a value-generating element of overall business strategy, with a focus that goes way beyond just cost control.

Procurement faces significant challenges in the years ahead, but there are massive opportunities too
Alejandro Alvarez, Partner: Operations Performance

At Ayming, we canvassed the opinions of 200 key C-suite executives from businesses around the world. We included an even distribution of company sizes, ranging from an annual turnover of £250 million to in excess of £5 billion. We sought their views not just on the issues they face right now, but also on the future of procurement.

Procurement 2020 covers key insights from this survey. It discusses hot topics such as talent, technology, procurement operating models and risk readiness, and shares perspectives from senior procurement professionals at firms such as BP and the Co-op.