Re-tooling Industry for the Digital Age

Industry trends towards the ‘smarter factory’ in 2019 and beyond

Cover image - Re-tooling Industry for the Digital Age

Industry 4.0 – the so-called fourth industrial revolution – is seeing the convergence of automation, new technologies and techniques, and big data analysis across manufacturing and the supply chain. The ‘smart factories’ this creates will come to dominate most industrial sectors.

Manufacturers recognise that to remain competitive, they must invest in new products, processes and services, while generating real returns on investment.

We’ll describe how these five technologies together, under the umbrella of Industry 4.0, will be crucial in providing solutions to manufacturers’ emerging needs:​​​​​

  1. Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)
  2. New Materials
  3. Advanced Machining Techniques
  4. 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  5. AI and ‘Big Data Analysis’